The 3 ½ Men Story


3 ½ Men is one of Nashville’s premier rock cover bands. Lots of Nashville bands sound good. What sets 3 ½ Men apart is their high energy shows, an amazing and eclectic song selection and of course having one of the best young drummers on the planet.


3 ½ Men was accidentally started sometime in 2010 when Matt Coen and Erich Marx were asked to put together an acoustic set to open for a friend's band in Nashville.

The ten people in the crowd that night loved it and Matt and Erich decided to try it again and began booking a few gigs.


They would occasionally have other musicians sit in including Matt’s good friend and Neville Brothers guitarist, Eric Struthers.


Things really began when the band found nine year old drummer, Adam Wooten wandering in the woods ( Matt asked young Adam if he’d like to sit in on the Cajon one night to which Adam replied “sure, but I’ll have to ask my mom”.


No one is sure if Adam was asked to join the band, but he was really good and he kept showing up...

Soon after, the band needed a name and Adam suggested “3 ½ Men.”


Shortly after another friend from “the woods”, saxophonist David Boisvert, came to sit in and never left.


Eric Struthers returned to the road with the Aaron Neville Quintet which led Guitarist Ric Olsen (formerly of the band Berlin) to join 3 ½ Men, becoming a welcomed new 5th member.


Since its inception 3 ½ Men have played a wide range of clubs and festivals in and outside of the Nashville area including Oktoberfest, Ashland City Summer Fest and The Ryman.

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